|*| Triangle Password Combination |*|

Unique Triangle With Alphabet[A-Z] , Number[0-9] & Symbol

Help Note On Triangle Password Combination

|*| Generate From Color Triangle |*|

1.Select any color triangle for character

Lightgreen color : A,H,O,V

2.Select near blank small triangle.


Add: A$H1O5V8

Select any two symbol from big blank triangle


Add: A$H1@O5V8*

3.Now any other color triangle for character.


4.Now try combination like this.


5.Try your own different combination.Include your word for long password combination.

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|*| Generate From Your Word |*|

1.Think about your favourite long word.


2.Now replace any 2 character with different number.

S by near 7,M by near 4

Now Change :7UPER4AN

3.Add symbol from big blank triangle ahead of number.



|*| Generate Pin Using Triangle |*|

1.See number in image as.

0,1 in TOP triangle

3,2,4,5 in LEFT triangle

7,6,8,9 in RIGHT triangle

2.Try 0 from TOP , 2 from LEFT , 6 from LEFT , 9 from LEFT.

So pin = 0269

Or Try 1 from TOP , 8 from LEFT, 5 from LEFT, 0 from TOP

So pin = 1850

This way you can combine directly.

3.For more secure select your favourite number

Example: 2

2 is in LEFT triangle with {3,4,5} so get the number from other triangle

8 from RIGHT, 0 from TOP , 9 from RIGHT

So pin = 2809

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